About DADH2021

The International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (DADH) is an influential, far-reaching annual gathering of digital humanities scholars in Taiwan. Over the past eleven years, numerous scholarly exchanges by academicians from worldwide have contributed to substantial growth of digital humanities research and development.
Although the field digital humanities is only beginning to emerge, it is foreseeable that this research area will be bourgeoning with many great possibilities owing to the rapid and continuous advancement of information technology, as well as the development and application of digital tools that utilize artificial intelligence.
The development of digital humanities in Taiwan is unique in that it is founded on decades of research in digital archives, including various works such as research tools, platforms, and models.
Nonetheless, the completion of national digital archives programs has led to the obliteration and misplacement of a sizable volume of archived materials.
One future path for scholars in digital humanities to take is creating multidimensional channels that can best utilize and integrate new digital research outcomes, with the support of artificial intelligence, digital tools, and online platforms, to preserve the vanishing digital relics and artifacts.
As such, the 12th DADH conference will center around the theme of Multiplying Practical Data by Digital Humanities (Practical Data X Digital Humanities) in an effort to investigate effective and convenient ways to retrieve useful digital materials for engaging in meaningful research in digital humanities.
In addition, the 12th DADH conference will be held in central Taiwan for the first time, which symbolizes its crossing over geographical boundaries and expansion into regions outside of northern Taiwan. The fact that digital humanities will expand its sphere of influence to various counties and cities is a significant event for DADH.
We expect the 12th DADH conference to yield fruitful outcomes through deep engagement and vibrant exchanges among researchers and experts from all over the world. In particular, we hope to cultivate more young scholars and generate new ideas in digital humanities through this major event in central Taiwan.